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I live central Florida in the United States and have a wide variety of interests that are reflected in my art. I work with numerous mediums including acrylic paint, soft pastels, wood carving, mixed media, etc., digital art however, is my preferred platform. Self-taught with no formal training in the arts, I like to look beyond reason for inspiration. Instead, I prefer introspection, intuition, imagination, and personal experiences as my creative drivers. Creating art is not a way to earn a living for me but rather a critical life balance mechanism...a stress manager and communication vehicle. I typically keep many irons in the fire and my art is an old friend that has always been there when needed. It is an obsession, a therapist, and an outlet but it is also a constant in a sea of change and a mirror providing insight and revelation. It is integral to the very essence and fabric of my soul.

If I have a mission as an artist, it is to provoke thought, entertain, and inspire people to celebrate the uncommon, and strive for personal growth. Being emotionally engaging is a critical aim for the pieces I create because for me being able to stir an emotion, generate a reaction, or inspire someone is a way of establishing a connection with others through images. A meaningful connection that could even span the expanse of time itself.

Whether we ever have the chance to meet or not, my sincerest wishes for you are Peace, Love, Happiness, and Success. Thank you again for your interest in my creations; I always welcome the opportunity to meet kindred spirits! Please share and reach out to me with any questions or comments.



Twisted by Vincent Autenrieb


Guarded Heart by Vincent Autenrieb


Luna Moth by Vincent Autenrieb


Paper Cut by Vincent Autenrieb


Night Out by Vincent Autenrieb


Lament by Vincent Autenrieb


Ulcer by Vincent Autenrieb


Elevator to Heaven by Vincent Autenrieb


No Body by Vincent Autenrieb


Intense Juicing by Vincent Autenrieb


Pillow1-Beige by Vincent Autenrieb


Pillow1-GoldTone by Vincent Autenrieb


Pillow1-Emerald by Vincent Autenrieb